Jozef van Wissem – Stations Of The Cross – CD

1. Dew Drops Fall Like Tears At Eventide
2. Propempticon
3. Low Mass
4. The Weeping Virgin, Trembling, Kneels Before The Rising Sun
5. You Can’t Go Home Again
6. Smokeless Altar
7. Beyond The Veil
8. All Day Within The Dreamy House The Doors Upon Their Hinges Creaked
9. Passage Of His Presence
10. A Visit Not Measured With A Return In Kind
11. Without The Rose
12. Pilgrim Talk
13. The Lowering
14. All Earth Was Back, All Heaven Was Blind
Design – Meeuw
Lute [10 Course Renaissance Lute, 13 Course Baroque Lute], Tape, Composed By, Producer – Jozef van Wissem
Wire Magazine called this solo lute CD a small masterpiece. Added are field recordings made of announcements in airport lounges and train stations. The 14 compositions here follow the 14 Stations of the Cross.