New Fall Releases

This fall sees three new full length releases on our Incunabulum imprint. The anticipated “New Music For Old Instruments” compilation featuring the likes of Keiji Haino, Stephan Mathieu, Susan Alcorn, C Spencer Yeh, Paul Metzger, Cian Nugent, Heresy of the Free Spirit, Jon Mueller, Sharron Kraus, R. Keenan Lawler and Urpf Lanze. The pieces are exclusive originals written especially for this Jozef van Wissem curated compilation. Old instruments are dusted off in the process and will never be the same again.

The limited edition “Cold Soup” LP is a follow up to Tetuzi Akiyama’s  much acclaimed “Don’t Forget To Boogie” record with Akiyama in full boogie electric guitar mode and with sound artist Che Chen on violin. Chen’s treatment is not so sweet. Sort of Tony Conrad meets Canned Heat.

The Apokatastasis limited split LP consists of one side of new solo lute material by Van Wissem and one side of new pieces by the duo with film maker Jim Jarmusch on electric and acoustic guitar. Jarmusch also does tape on one piece and Van Wissem plays 12 string electric guitar (and lute). This recording showcases the more experimental side of the duo. The solo side has two lute pieces with layered repetitive palindromes by Van Wissem and the sparse beautiful haunting “Lux Divinitatis” he composed for an upcoming vampire movie soundtrack.